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Happiness Just Is

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Smily face Happiness Just IsI was at a goal setting workshop the other week and they said we should be seeking satisfaction and fulfilment as opposed to happiness.  Happiness is within all of us, sometimes we forget to let it out.  How many times have you said something along the lines of ‘I will be happy when ….’  Why wait, why not be happy now?

I was reminded of this last Saturday night.  It had been a bit of a testing afternoon, the temperature was in the mid thirties outside and I was painting my new office that I have created.  It wasn’t too bad in the air conditioning, a little bit hot on the ladder at the top of the wall. 

Then the power went out.  It started to become a little hot as time went on and I continued painting.  Dinner, slow cooked silverside, was looking a little doubtful as it was only partly cooked.

Then the power came on, dinner continued to cooked and I got to paint without sweating so much.  We got to the point of having dinner cooked, serving it up and then just as we were taking it to the table the power went off again.  It wasn’t too dark then, a candle helped add some atmosphere to dinner.

After dinner we went outside and as the light disappeared we sat on the verandah in our swinging chairs, me with the kids in my lap, as we listened to Him telling us stories of growing up on a property and lying in the wheat trucks looking up at the stars and so on.  As I swung gently in the chair I thought about how happy I was just sitting there with my children cuddling each other as we listened to Him.  It had nothing to do with money or things, it was just one of those moments and I was remembering to enjoy it.

After we came in and found torches and got the kids to bed, He commented along the same lines, how much he had enjoyed the time on the verandah together.

As they say happiness is there all the time, it is a matter of remembering to enjoy it.  Set goals that will give you satisfaction and fulfillment, just don’t wait till you achieve them before you allow yourself to be happy.  You can always find reasons to be happy for at least a few moments a day, it is unrealistic to expect it to be a constant 24/7 state.  Make a conscious effort this week to see things that make you happy and enjoy it!

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2 Responses to “Happiness Just Is”

  1. Petter Says:

    Thank for shraing these experiences, Piya. I’m with you, circumstances are there, we can’t do much about them, what we can do is chosing how we want to live them. And you are a great example, to enlighten us!!!Love, my angel.

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